What Are The Top AI Dividend Stocks? [2023 Portfolio Stocks]


For the month of July, I asked Google’s Bard AI tool to assist me pick three AI dividend stocks. I might be hallucinating, but Bard appears to have a preference for technology. Take it whatever you want, but I have found that Bard definitely values tech companies. As a result, AI-predicted dividend stocks have become more popular. The recommended equities are all from tech companies. However, dividends aren’t often linked to the IT industry. In the growth-oriented IT industry, where dividends are paid from net earnings, the money would be better spent on generating new sales.

Top 5 AI Dividend Stocks

The stocks on the following list need to be on your shortlist if you’re an investor trying to profit from the AI revolution.


Since the early days of machine learning, IBM (IBM) has left its mark on artificial intelligence. The computer giant has been in the “cognitive solutions” market since 2011, and Watson AI has just been included in its mainframe operations. A big data tool called Watson AI genuinely aids businesses in making sense of the enormous volumes of data kept on their servers.

The company’s AI component is anticipated to contribute to a higher share price in the future given the strength of IBM’s mainframe product cycles and an improved commercial outlook in recent years.

Nvidia (NVDA)

The manufacturer of graphics processing units (GPUs), Nvidia (NVDA), is also utilizing AI and machine learning for computer vision. Today, AI operations involving computer interpretation, like the cameras in autonomous vehicles, require Nvidia inputs. According to analysts, the firm has the potential to dominate the AI market with a potential market size of up to $10 billion.

A substantial increase in the data center business has also been recorded by the company, indicating that data analytics, AI, and cutting-edge GPUs will be key drivers of future revenue development. Businesses are turning more and more to Nvidia to power their different AI applications by using GPUs on demand.

Microsoft (MSFT)

Microsoft, a major player in software, has significant investments in AI across a number of its business units, including the Xbox gaming system and the Bing search engine. For Microsoft’s business clients, Azure, the company’s cloud platform, also leverages AI capabilities. Microsoft’s most promising commercial division, Azure, is still growing, which indicates that its AI and machine-learning capabilities will continue to advance.

The core of Microsoft’s future growth is anticipated to be the Azure platform. As Alphabet ramps up its cloud platform, it will also be the platform that enables the software behemoth to compete. However, in terms of its cloud-based AI solutions, Microsoft is moving in the right way. When compared year over year, Azure sales are now seeing a double-digit percentage increase.

Apple Inc.

Since at least 2011, when it introduced the Siri intelligent personal assistant, Apple has been a major player in the AI industry. Since then, Apple’s iOS, watchOS, macOS, and tvOS operating systems have all included the technology. Since its debut, Siri has experienced several improvements. Apple has also announced the opening of a new AI research unit in Japan and has made successful acquisitions of AI developers.

Since 2013, the iPhone manufacturer has consistently increased its payouts.

Intel (INTC)

Through the creation of its own AI processor, Intel has also been able to increase AI capabilities. The corporation has also bought AI businesses, most notably Altera in 2015 for $16.7 billion. Mobileye, which teaches cars how to react to and learn from new driving settings based on prior experience, is one of its most exciting AI endeavors.

Although Intel’s dividend yield is significantly greater than the industry average for the technology sector, this is counterbalanced by a considerably shorter payout period than other industry giants. Long-term yield stability for the business may be aided by a rising presence in the GPU market. About Nervana, investors should be ready for a protracted economic cycle. Top Indian Stocks Paying the Highest Dividends in 2023

Top AI stocks

NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA)Autonomous vehicles and graphics processors.
IBM (NYSE: IBM)Various sectors, increasing human intelligence.
MICROSOFT (NASDAQ: MSFT)Memory chips for data centres and autonomous vehicles.
AMAZON (NASDAQ: AMZN)Cloud computing, voice-activated technologies, and e-commerce.
C3.AI (NYSE: AI)Provides enterprise-scale AI applications through the use of software as a service.

Top 3 AI Stocks That Dividends Pay Well

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized industries and changed our way of life, taking the globe by storm.
  • Since it is present in so many services and apps, AI has ingrained itself into our daily lives.
  • It has gradually permeated practically every sphere of life, including finance, where traders and portfolio rebalancing are handled by computer algorithms.
  • Investors may obtain broad exposure to the AI business rather than merely using it as a tool to expand their stock selection universe. The best of both worlds is available to investors who invest in AI stocks.
  • On the one hand, as the AI business develops and digitalization projects pick up steam, there is the possibility for capital gains.
  • In contrast, as they wait for their investments to increase in value, investors may also benefit from passive income in the form of dividends.
  • These firms provide a compelling investment opportunity by fusing the upside potential of AI with consistent income from dividends.
  • These stocks should be on your shortlist if you’re an investor trying to profit from the AI revolution.


Bosch is at the top of the list. In the fields of industrial technology, consumer products, building technology, energy technology, and mobility solutions, Bosch is a market leader.

This stock announced a dividend of Rs 280, or 2,800%, on each share’s face value of Rs 10, for the fiscal year 2023. The same’s record date is July 14, 2023. Bosch has consistently paid dividends. The business has declared 29 dividends since 2001. The average dividend payout ratio over the past five years is 50.9%. Over the previous five years, the dividend yield has averaged 0.9%.

Tata Elxsi

Tata Elxsi is listed second. Medium-sized IT business Tata Elxsi, part of the Tata Group, is well-known for its design and engineering skills.

The company’s board of directors has recommended to the shareholders a final dividend of Rs 60.6 per equity share. About the face value of Re 10 per equity share, the bonus equals 606%. After the 34th Annual General Meeting is over, the record date for the same will be disclosed. Tata Elxsi has continuously paid dividends over the past five years. Since 2001, it has totaled 23 dividend declarations. The average dividend payout ratio over the past five years is 45.4%. Over the last five years, the dividend yield has averaged 1.5 percent.


Cyient comes in third on the list. Cyient, formerly known as Infotech Enterprises, has gone a long way. This business started as a GIS data translation provider and has grown into a strong engineering force that operates in crucial industries including aerospace, military, communications, and utilities.

Cyient uses AI and other cutting-edge technologies to enhance its service offerings and boost operational effectiveness, even though it is not a firm that is only focused on AI.

The geospatial services offered by Cyient are one area where AI has been used. The business may more effectively evaluate and process huge amounts of geographical data using AI algorithms. A dividend of Rs 16 or 320% of the face value of Rs 5 per share has been declared by the firm for the fiscal year 2023. The same’s record date is June 12, 2023. For the past five years, the firm has routinely distributed dividends and maintained a solid dividend track record. The business has issued 37 dividends since the year 2000. The average dividend payout ratio over the past five years is 48.2%. Over the previous five years, the dividend yield has averaged 7.5%.


In this article, we talk about AI dividend stocks. But some questions answer we don’t add to this article so we add in FAQ so please check and replay us what you think about AI dividend stocks. One of our society’s largest paradigm changes is represented by ai. It offers a unique chance for investors to participate in a rapidly expanding sector with significant upside. Investors need to carefully traverse this evolving terrain to avoid the traps that frequently afflict developing industries.


Does Apple stock pay dividends?

High Dividend: Compared to the top 25% of dividend payers in the US market (4.74%), AAPL’s premium (0.49%) is low.

The best dividend: which one?

★Hindustan Zinc Ltd. is one of the top dividend-paying companies in India.
★HCL Technologies Limited.
★Tata Steel Limited.

In India, are dividends taxable?

In addition to a 10% TDS being applied to dividend distributions over INR 5,000 in a fiscal year, dividends are taxed at the investor’s hands.

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