What Are The AI Penny Stocks Under $1? 2023 [Best AI Stocks Revealed!]


A stock’s delisting is a problem when it trades for less than $1, So we can guide you on how to buy AI Penny Stocks Under $1. Inadequate actions, such as a reverse stock split, could be put up as a result, potentially harming investors. In light of this, the following list of three AI Penny Stocks Under $1 is for your consideration if you’re familiar with the basics of AI and have a healthy risk appetite.

Stock prices are still increasing due to artificial intelligence. This is raising some doubts about the potential overvaluation and impending fall of some large-cap AI stocks. However, if you’re worried about buying companies like Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA) just to ride them higher, you might want to consider AI Penny Stocks Under $1

Best AI Penny Stocks Under $1

  • CooTek Inc. (NYSE: CTK)

With the help of AI, CooTek offers several scenario-based apps that engage users in unique ways. Shou is software for keeping track of one’s health that includes recipes for weight loss, water consumption tracking, and exercise programs. A mobile device input method based on AI, Touchpad Smart Input provides utilities like word prediction and spell checking in a variety of languages. To date, this app alone has more than 100 million users.

Additionally, the business offers many online games and reading applications. It recently made its debut in the metaverse market. Hotties, a new game, was introduced. Since its release in December of last year, this app has risen to third place among the most popular iOS games in the US. with over 2.5 million downloads and an average growth of over 200%. causing a 30% rise in the share price since the year’s start.  The user base of CooTek’s products is expanding as interest in them rises. Its popularity could increase along with shared values.

  • Predictive Oncology (NASDAQ: POAI)

A Minnesota-based startup called Predicted Oncology offers predicted models of cancer medication response using data and AI. TumorGenesis, one of Predictive Oncology’s companies, grows ovarian cancer cells using particular and highly specialized techniques. 98 different types of ovarian cancer cells are managed by the company in a sizable database. These AI technologies can recognize different types of cancer cells, and they may then use this knowledge to design individualized treatments for patients.

The company’s ground-breaking use of AI may mark the advancement of cancer treatment. This AI-powered drug discovery market will be introduced, according to POAI’s most recent release. The company anticipates that this market will expand by $20 billion in the next several years and might be one of the early adopters of this technology. Later this year, it intends to start making money off of its PeDAL platform. Although there have been ups and downs in share prices during 2021, they are currently up 33% from a year ago. The stock may soon be removed from this list because it has recently been fluctuating around the $1 level.

  • Amesite Inc. (NASDAQ: AMST)

Amesite Inc. is a technology firm that specializes in machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). The business has created a platform for learning and content development that benefits corporations, academic institutions, and governmental organizations. According to a recent Microsoft Customer Story, Amesite successfully transitioned to Azure infrastructure in just two months.

Amesite can now provide clients with branded, scalable services on Azure in less than 24 hours. The company also reported having $10.6 million in positive cash and cash equivalents on hand.  Moreover, Q1 2022 revenue will have increased by 27.7%. The business has a solid workforce with expertise in software development, big data, machine learning, and AI. Amesite is a startup you should think about if you want exposure to AI and machine learning.

  • Inuvo Inc. (NYSEAMERICAN: IN UV)

American intelligent advertising technology company Inuvo. For users to see, the brand aligns its message with content using its patented AI platform, Intent Key. About people, places, and objects, IntentKey may simulate how the human mind creates ideas and emotions. On its website, Inuvo has already posted several fruitful case studies that demonstrate the potential of its AI technology.

The financial results for Inuvo’s third quarter are encouraging, with gains in revenue, net income, and earnings per share. Net sales increased by 82.8% and 26.3% from the same time last year to $16.8 million in the third quarter and $40.1 million in the first nine months of 2021, respectively. Even though growth has slowed, share values are up more than 35% from last year’s figures. We could be witnessing the quiet before the Inuvo stock soars.

  • Powerbridge Technologies Co,. Ltd. (NASDAQ: PBTS)

A Chinese business called Powerbridge Technologies Co., Ltd. offers technology solutions, software applications, and services to businesses and government clients. For all participants in the global commerce ecosystem, the firm develops and supports cloud-based Powerbridge BaaS Services (blockchain-as-a-service). Two of the company’s technology platforms are the Powerbridge System Platform and the Powerbridge SaaS Platform. This technology is utilized for a variety of things, including insurance, loans, blockchain logistics, and transaction processing. To diversify its business, however, the company has been working hard.

To increase its PowerCrypto holdings, it disclosed purchasing 5600 cryptocurrency mining devices. Additionally, the business has launched MetaFusion, which is its entry into the metaverse market.  The company claims that Metafusion will revolutionize transit and leisure services via NFT and metaverse technology. Metafusion will provide special attention to the NFT of cultural intellectual property.

For the following three years, the corporation projects an increase in operating income of $15 million. Compared to equities with lower market caps, Powerbridge will be more stable because of its $24.60 million market size. Share prices have previously exceeded $1, but a quiet summer has caused them to fall below this level. Powerbridge may soon be able to surpass prior highs if it can continue to improve its systems.

  • Remark Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: MARK)

With an emphasis on creating artificial intelligence (AI) and associated technologies, Remark Holdings, Inc. (MARK) is a multinational technology business.  The company’s goal is to apply AI to make the world smarter, safer, and more productive.  It owns and runs a premium beach lifestyle-focused e-commerce digital media platform. Strong management is in place at Remark Holdings, Inc., and the team has experience in the technology industry.  It also has a diverse client base, which puts it in a good position to benefit from the rising demand for AI technology.

With a market worth of more than $102 million at the moment and an extra $30 million from Mudrick Capital on the way. The business is well-positioned to expand. The firm has declared its collaboration with isMedia to launch its first-ever NFT platform. Remark’s NFT platform is intended to host unique material produced by well-known personalities and celebrities in addition to utilizing the brand value and comprehensive designs maintained by Bikini.com. Remark can be your next possible investment if you want to dabble in the AI business.

  • LAIX Inc. (NYSE: LAIX) 

Chinese artificial intelligence (AI) business LAIX. Through its app, Liulishuo, it offers services for English language learners.  The software provides classes, gamified activities, and a personalized learning experience.  According to the company’s most recent quarterly report, almost 200,000 paying customers purchased its courses and services. The firm also reported an increase in sales, with a $2.2 million year-over-year rise. One of the most widely used applications for learning English in China is called Liulishuo, and it has a continually expanding user base.

The company’s concentration on AI has aided in the development of cutting-edge features that increase the effectiveness and user engagement of its app.  As a result, there has been significant revenue growth and user loyalty. LAIX is in a good position to take advantage of the rising demand for English-language instruction services in China. The firm presents a compelling investment opportunity due to its emphasis on AI and dedication to delivering a top-notch customer experience.


These AI Penny Stocks Under $1 may be an option for you if you don’t mind taking on some risk. Despite the high failure rate, businesses in this industry have the potential to be highly successful and offer their investors sizable profits. Additionally, equities that are sold for less than $1 for 30 days or more run the danger of being eventually delisted from their exchange. The stock may be demoted to the over-the-counter market, which has less liquidity, unless the price rises on its own or the firm takes action, such as reverse-splitting the stock to enhance the price by lowering the number of shares.


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