What Are The Best AI Stocks Under $5? [Best Money Making Stocks Revealed!]


The list of best AI stocks under $5 is available on the NASDAQ, AMEX, and NYSE. The percentage gains or losses are used to order this list of stocks related to artificial intelligence. On normal stock exchanges, there aren’t many AI stocks that trade for less than $5. This list excludes OTCBB-listed artificial intelligence companies with a market capitalization of less than $5.

Where Can I Buy $5 AI Stocks?

Public.com, which we consider to be the best investment platform, does not trade on over-the-counter marketplaces, thus some AI stocks from firms with small market caps could not be available. Continue reading if you want even more brokers to pick from.


Despite not supporting OTC trading, Robinhood is a wonderful resource for finding penny companies that trade on the NASDAQ or NYSE. A reputable and well-known broker, Robinhood also offers exceptional accessibility for traders and investors through its mobile app. If you’re looking for more stock recommendations, check out our guide to the top penny stocks on Robinhood.


The majority of traders will find Fidelity to be an excellent platform because it offers a simple, real-time interface. When trading American equities, including stocks in artificial intelligence, the platform doesn’t charge a commission.

Chuck Schwab

For trading and investing in stocks, Charles Schwab offers a full range of tools.

The platform’s variety of features and widgets make it the perfect choice for traders who want to keep on top of the most recent market news.


The trading platform TradeStation is well-known and reputable. They offer a user-friendly yet potent trading platform that can be accessible through their website and mobile app, leveling the playing field for seasoned and inexperienced traders. TradeStation makes trading accessible thanks to its more than 30 years of successfully operating in the sector.

Best AI Stocks Under $5

Cheetah Mobile (NYSE: CMCM)

A Chinese company called Cheetah Mobile is situated in Beijing. The business is well known for creating a variety of mobile games and applications, from antivirus programs to browser applications. It also works on the creation of AI and AI systems for its assortment of goods that make use of artificial intelligence, from speech recognition to chatbots that interact with customers.

Cheetah Mobile has already shown that it can develop apps and AI systems that will appeal to the common consumer by boasting over 600 million active monthly users. With the release of various products, including the intelligent vending robot, Cheetah Mobile spent a significant amount of money in the autumn. This led to a disappointing financial report, and share prices fell to a manageable level. Cheetah Mobile can have a lot of room for growth as long as the artificial intelligence business keeps expanding, particularly in the company’s main market of China. This stock might be one to be on the lookout for if you’re a growth investor.

Ideanomics, Inc. (NASDAQ: IDEX)

The primary goal of Ideanomics Incorporated, an electric car firm, is to implement sustainable energy solutions for the e-mobility sector. Ideanomics has an emphasis on electric vehicles, but it also works in the financial technology, renewable energy, agriculture, and real estate sectors. A division of the corporation that offers cutting-edge fintech solutions is called Ideanomics Capital. These solutions include an online real estate platform and a digital platform for trading commodities, both of which leverage artificial intelligence to develop strong and practical tools for buyers, sellers, and professionals.

Simply said, Ideanomics promotes efficiency and profitability while innovating with artificial intelligence and machine learning. The third quarter of 2021 saw a decline in net income and diluted profits per share following a strong first half. As Ideanomics waits for results, share values have fallen since June. Ideanomics’ objective of fostering change via sustainability can assist the business move towards profitability as the world continues to move towards cleaner energy sources.

Remark Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: MARK)

Through its subsidiary Kankan, Remark Holdings seeks to spread AI technology to other companies throughout the world. For businesses in education, finance, public safety, entertainment, and other sectors, Kankan creates tailored AI-based solutions.

Bikini.com, Remark Entertainment, shareware, and lasvegas.com are just a few of the several businesses that the AI venture owns. Remark uses its own AI throughout these businesses to outperform the competitors. Investors appear to believe that for Remark to achieve true success, it needs to narrow its focus. Remark Holdings has a huge market valuation of around $100 million even though it is currently trading for less than a dollar. This appears to be a fantastic moment to buy Remark on the drop as it could see higher levels fast.

Qudian, Inc. (NYSE: QD)

Chinese company Qudian Incorporated offers credit and financial services. The same-named platform, run by the fintech startup, promises to empower and enhance the daily lives of China’s youthful and mobile-active consumers. The market in Qudian’s niche is underdeveloped and has a lot of room for quick expansion. In 2017, it was the biggest online seller of small cash credit goods in the entire nation.

Qudian has developed a precise credit evaluation algorithm that examines a borrower’s ability and willingness to repay loans using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Young Chinese consumers’ preferred method of borrowing money is swiftly evolving into short-term loans, and Qudian is benefiting from this rise in popularity and profitability. In China, there is a colossal untapped market for this technology, and Qudian appears to be set up to take advantage of it. Investors are well-positioned to profit from the potential growth with recent share prices at $1.

Top AI Tech Stocks Under $5

Creative Realities, Inc. (NASDAQ: CREX)

Analytical tools, technological design, and content management software are all offered by the digital marketing solutions provider Creative Realities. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, the company focuses on creating and providing retail technologies and solutions for its clients. Creative Realities offers its clients statistics, scheduling, and content management options thanks to this technology.

Digital advertising is a significant part of their company, both online and offline. To further increase its footprint, Creative Realities and Reflect Systems are now integrating. Day traders find Creative Realities appealing because of the ups and downs in share prices.

But as more firms and companies move towards digital transformation, With its range of sophisticated AI solutions, Creative Realities has the chance to meet rising needs.

Future growth could be significantly boosted as a result of this.

Alithya Group Inc. (NASDAQ: ALYA)

A group of advisors under the umbrella of Alithya Group seek to assist clients by using technology and innovation. The business shapes its offerings using a combination of machine learning and artificial intelligence to do this. From original company planning to application services, it offers solutions in Canada, the US, and Europe.

For medical and nuclear facilities, there are particular solution suites. But Alithya has also developed her competence in the fields of finance, manufacturing, retail, and insurance. Although they have experienced some ups and downs, share prices are currently 16% higher than they were a year ago. For the entirety of 2021, the company’s financial figures have appeared strong.

CooTek (Cayman), Inc. (NYSE: CTK)

Shanghai, China is home to CooTek, a Chinese mobile internet provider. The software company creates mobile platforms, games, and applications for the Chinese and American mobile markets. CooTek’s solutions incorporate artificial intelligence in addition to app development. A clever input mechanism for mobile devices is called TouchPal.

The business also offers the free app Fengdu Novel, which features a variety of built-in book categories. There is a lot of space for expansion even though its products are doing well in the Chinese market. CooTek’s goods will probably become more popular in its specialized markets as it continues to apply AI to expand its customer base. While shares are still under 50 cents each, now might be a great moment to join.


Let’s examine some of the best AI stocks under $5 for 2023. The majority of the time, the typical investor is familiar with the leading brands in the industry, such as Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA) and Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT). All owing to their innovative work in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Investors are left wondering about lower-priced AI stocks that go unreported even though both are worthy of attention and have generated rapid returns. The emphasis of this paper is on it. best AI stocks under $5. They continue to be unnoticed yet provide significant upside that appeals to the risk-taking investor.


Which company has the most AI advancements?

IBM (NASDAQ: IBM) International Business Machines Corporation

What AI trend will be the next big thing?

Systems that use reinforcement learning and self-learning

Is AI a reliable investment?

Over the following five years, analysts forecast a large average yearly EPS rise. Even though the company hasn’t yet experienced a profitable year, consensus projections state that it will do so in 2025 ($0.12 per share). The stock of AI is still very speculative despite some of its positive characteristics.

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