Best AI Stocks Under $10 Revealed! [2023]


The Best AI Stocks Under $10 are covered in this article. Still, we have narrowed down the top artificial intelligence stocks to buy for under $10 by looking at analyst ratings and business fundamentals, If you are interested in seeing further stocks then check our previous stock-related articles. Long-term investors have a lot of upsides implicit with these companies since they’re well-deposited to grow their businesses following emerging trends in the AI industry.

Best AI Stocks Under $10

Lantern Pharma Inc. (NASDAQ: LTRN)

  • Number of Hedge Fund Holders: 3
  • Stock Price: $5.05

The pharmaceutical business Lantern Pharma Inc. (NASDAQ: LTRN), with a clinical-stage cancer emphasis, is situated in Dallas, Texas, and it is developing new treatments by using the power of artificial intelligence, genomics, and machine learning. The business believes that combining these techniques would speed up and lower the cost of creating new medicines. Michael King at EF Hutton began coverage of Lantern Pharma Inc. (NASDAQ: LTRN) shares with a Buy rating and a $11 target price in a report distributed to investors on October 31.

The target price represents a possible increase from the November 30 closing price of more than 117%. According to the analyst, cancer medication development at Lantern Pharma Inc. (NASDAQ: LTRN) is becoming more effective and concentrated. King praised the effort put out by the corporation to carry out ongoing research on three cancer medications and to come up with new therapeutic applications for them. Experts are also optimistic about the company’s unique RADR platform, which forecasts how patients may react to medicine from Lantern Pharma.

Cheetah Mobile Inc. (NYSE: CMCM)

  • Number of Hedge Fund Holders: 1
  • Stock  Price: $1.76

Cheetah Mobile Inc. (NYSE: CMCM), a mobile internet firm with headquarters in Beijing, China, is dedicated to enhancing lifestyles by applying AI to create robots that can coexist with people. Since 2014, the business has been traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Cheetah Mobile Inc. (NYSE: CMCM) is attempting to develop an AI-driven industrial internet as a replacement for its primary business of mobile internet. The business has integrated a variety of robot uses into everyday life. One of its robots’ major applications is at shopping malls, where it can interact with patrons, hand out coupons, play advertising, and deliver crucial information.

A series of intelligent service robots have also been developed by Cheetah Mobile Inc. (NYSE: CMCM). The business, which employed 200 developers with expertise in AI back in 2018, is regarded as one of the industry’s pioneers. The CEO Sheng Fu views speech and image recognition as the two most important applications of AI in the future. Cheetah Mobile Inc. (NYSE: CMCM), a company that provides robots to hospitals in China to help with the epidemic, has earned a name for itself in the public spotlight.

Duos Technologies Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: DUOT)

  • Number of Hedge Fund Holders: 1
  • Stock Price: $2.90

To ensure that railway transit occurs effectively and safely, Jacksonville, Florida-based Duos Technologies Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: DUOT) uses artificial intelligence in the railway sector. AI detection models are constantly being developed and implemented by Duos Technologies Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: DUOT), a company that was created in 2001. It is centred on utilizing AI to improve the effectiveness of the railcar inspection system. Instead of taking between 12 and 18 months to complete, the business now just needs 15 days to offer the first 10 to 15 precise algorithms connected to railcar inspection portals.

Innodata Inc. (NASDAQ: INOD)

  • Number of Hedge Fund Holders: 3
  • Stock Price: $3.24

Data engineering company Innodata Inc. (NASDAQ: INOD), situated in Hackensack, New Jersey, offers AI-based software systems to top businesses throughout the world. The business revealed on November 9 that two new, unidentified, diversified financial services organizations with a combined asset base of more than $200 billion have chosen its Synodex platform.

Innodata Inc. (NASDAQ: INOD) anticipates receiving $1.1 million in yearly revenue as a result of the agreement. Making critical business decisions is made easier with the help of the Synodex platform, which offers vital medical data. The software transforms paper-based data as well as photographs from the medical field into information that can be used. The platform’s potential largest gainer might be the life insurance sector.

Alithya Group Inc. (NASDAQ: ALYA)

  • Number of Hedge Fund Holders: 3
  • Stock Price: $1.75

The Montreal, Canada-based Alithya Group Inc. (NASDAQ: ALYA) is a developer of AI-based solutions to address business difficulties and foster creativity. To address problems with trade surveillance, ultrasonic technology, and data appropriateness evaluation, the business has developed unique apps that employ AI, machine learning, and deep learning. Over 3,000 people are employed by Alithya Group Inc. (NASDAQ ALYA), which provides services throughout Europe and North America. On November 10, Alithya GroupInc. (NASDAQ ALYA) released its Q2 FY23 results.

While acclimated EBITDA climbed by 87.5 YoY to$7.01 million, revenue increased by 22.4 YoY to$96.18 million. The acclimated EBITDA to sales share grew from 5.8 in the same period the former year to 7.3 in Q2 FY23. According to experts, Alithya GroupInc.( NASDAQ ALYA) can dramatically increase its operations. Currently, fixed-fee client initiatives or subscriptions based on intellectual property provide 26% of the business’s income. This market is quite lucrative for Alithya Group Inc. (NASDAQ: ALYA) and its customers. Eighty percent of the business’s revenues during the second quarter came from returning clients.

Vivint Smart Home, Inc. (NYSE: VVNT)

  • Number of Hedge Fund Holders: 9
  • Stock Price: $8.65

Home security and alarm systems are offered by the smart home firm Vivint Smart Home, Inc. (NYSE: VVNT), situated in Provo, Utah. The business focuses on offering AI-based solutions that automate particular processes and address problems that call for sophisticated methods. A unique AI platform used by Vivint Smart Home, Inc. (NYSE: VVNT) is integrated into all of its products.

Vivint Smart Home, Inc. (NYSE: VVNT) posted outstanding Q3 2022 results, surpassing the average projection of $402.38 million with sales that climbed by 13.6% YoY to $439.4 million. Due to the higher-than-anticipated revenue, Vivint Smart Home, Inc. (NYSE: VVNT) increased its FY22 revenue projection from the original range of $1.6 billion to $1.63 billion to a range of $1.65 billion to $1.67 billion. As of right now, $1.62 billion is the consensus estimate.

Opera Limited (NASDAQ: OPRA)

  • Number of Hedge Fund Holders: 6
  • Stock Price: $5.26

Internationally renowned for its web browser, Opera Limited (NASDAQ: OPRA) is an Oslo, Norway-based business that was formed in 1995. The business is creating platforms for AI-driven digital content discovery and recommendation. To provide its consumers with personalized news services, the business created its AI engine back in 2017. On October 31, Lance Vitanza of Cowen raised the target price for Opera Limited (NASDAQ: OPRA) from $10.50 to $12.50 while maintaining an Outperform rating.

Opera Limited (NASDAQ: OPRA), which posted good third-quarter results and increased its sales and adjusted EBITDA projection, is thought to be gaining from its strategy of pivoting towards Western markets, according to the analyst. In a difficult and unsettling macroeconomic climate, Opera Limited (NASDAQ: OPRA) posted record top-line and bottom-line growth. The business strives towards usability, innovation, and higher productivity through its GX browser, which is targeted toward gamers.

LexinFintech Holdings Ltd. (NASDAQ: LX)

  • Number of Hedge Fund Holders: 8
  • Stock Price: $1.55

Financial technology firm LexinFintech Holdings Ltd. (NASDAQ: LX), situated in the Cayman Islands, was established in 2013. As of 2022, the firm, which runs an online platform for consumer finance, has 150 million Chinese users. On November 14, Ethan Wang at CLSA changed the stock rating of LexinFintech Holdings Ltd. (NASDAQ: LX) from Reduce to Accumulate and set a $1.80 target price.

The target price represents a possible increase of 16.1% from the November 30 closing price. The audit inspection of Chinese enterprises in Hong Kong was said to have been finished on November 4. As a result, there is less chance of being delisted from the NYSE. Additionally, analysts predict that LexinFintech Holdings Ltd. (NASDAQ: LX) will have margin expansion in Q3 2022 and Q4 2022 owing to


For the year 2023, the Best AI Stocks Under $10 give investors considerable growth potential. These stocks have a strong likelihood of offering investors significant returns on their investments given the rising need for AI technology. Investors should, however, exercise careful diligence.


Can I buy AI stock?

Can you make investments in AI? AI investments may be made in a variety of methods, including with individual stocks, ETFs, and funds that specialize in this industry.

Where can I invest in AI?

Take into account investing in venture capital funds: Venture capital firms invest in early-stage and startup businesses that are creating cutting-edge technology, such as AI. These funds can give investors access to a diverse portfolio of businesses with strong growth prospects.

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