BigBear AI Stock Price 2023 Revealed!


Our today topic was BigBear AI stock price, one of the most often used Holdings, Inc. stock forecasting methods is the moving average. A moving average, as its name indicates, gives the average closing price for the BigBear AI stock over a chosen period that is split into some segments of equal length. For instance, a 12-day simple moving average for BigBear AI is the total of BigBear AI‘s closing prices divided by 12 for the previous 12 days.

BigBear Company Information Holdings, Inc. provides decision intelligence powered by artificial intelligence (AI). The business is divided into two segments: analytics and cyber & engineering. With a focus on cloud engineering and enterprise IT, cybersecurity, computer network operations, wireless, systems engineering, strategy, and program planning, the Cyber & Engineering segment offers high-end technology and management consulting services to its clients.

The Analytics section specializes in big data computing, analytical solutions, including predictive and prescriptive analytic software solutions, and high-end technology and consulting services for its clients. Customers of the business include life sciences companies, manufacturers, merchants, healthcare providers, and federal defence and intelligence agencies.

BigBear AI Stock Price 2023 Revealed!

BigBear AI Stock Price Signals & Forecast

The stock is now showing conflicting signs. Both the short-term and long-term Moving Averages on the Holdings stock have issued sell signals, which indicates a more gloomy outlook for the firm. A broad sell signal is also indicated by the connection between the two signals, where the long-term average is greater than the short-term average. During corrections upward, the lines at $1.96 and $2.11 will provide some support. If any of these levels are breached above, buy signals will be sent out.  

During the most recent trading day, volume decreased together with price, which lowers total risk because volume should correspond to price swings. On Thursday, July 27, 2023, a buy signal was generated from a pivot bottom point, and it has since increased 1.14%. Up to the discovery of a new top pivot, more growth is predicted. The 3 month Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) has also given a buy signal.

Support, Risk & Stop-loss for Holdings stock

A buying opportunity may exist at this level as Holdings finds support from accumulated volume at $1.75, and when the support is challenged, an upward response is likely to occur. The risk is viewed as a medium for this stock due to its daily average fluctuation and high trading volume. The stock fluctuated $0.110, or 6.43%, between high and low over the previous day. The stock’s daily average volatility during the previous week was 6.85%.

Trading Expectations (BBAI) For The Upcoming Trading Day

According to a 14-day average true range, we expect Holdings to open at $1.77 and close at $1.93 on the following trading day on Wednesday, September 9th. giving a potential trading range of +/-$0.156 (+/-8.83%) up or down from previous closing price.

There will be an estimated 17.65% movement between the lowest and highest trading price during the day if Holdings takes out the whole calculated probable swing range. Our algorithms see the trading risk/reward intra-day as appealing and think profit may be achieved before the stock reaches the first resistance since the price is closer to the support of the resistance at $2.04 (15.25%) than the cumulative volume at $1.75 (1.13%).

Insiders are negatively selling more shares than they are buying in Holdings. 10.12 million shares were purchased and 20.82 million shares were sold during the last 100 deals. Ricker Sean Raymond sold 268 shares in the most recent transaction, which took place 30 days ago. Insiders often sell more stocks than they purchase. This might be due to several factors, but generally speaking, it’s a bad indicator.

BigBear AI Stock Price 2023 Revealed expects growth to accelerate this year

According to C3. ai‘s fiscal 2024 projection, the company’s transition from a subscription-based business model to a consumption-based one is most likely going to succeed. To lessen the barrier to entry for new clients, the firm made this adjustment. It did so because it thought a pay-as-you-go approach would eliminate the need for contract negotiations and enable it to close transactions more rapidly.

The disadvantage of this adjustment was that no longer had the income visibility that long-term subscription agreements provided for the business. As a result, the business’s sales growth last year significantly slowed down. The good news is that is benefiting from the switch to a consumption-based model since it is allowing the business to reduce its sales cycle and generate more qualifying sales prospects.

During its investor day presentation last month, management said that the number of qualifying sales possibilities in its pipeline has increased from 297 in fiscal 2023 to 614 this fiscal year. It’s also important to note that had a sales cycle of 3.7 months at the end of the fourth quarter of fiscal 2023, which was less than the five-month sales cycle from the same period a year prior.

BBAI Earnings Forecast

The estimated earnings for BBAI for the upcoming quarter are -$0.06 with a range of -$0.07 to -$0.05. -$0.12 was the EPS for the prior quarter. In the last 12 months, BBAI has consistently surpassed its EPS estimate by 0.00%, while the industry as a whole has done so 62.24% of the time. BBAI underperformed its sector as a whole in the previous calendar year.

BBAI Sales Forecast

Sales for BBAI are expected to total $41.75 million, with a range of $41.06 million to $43.10 million. The sales figures from the prior quarter were. In the previous 12 months, BBAI consistently exceeded its sales projections, whereas the industry as a whole did so just 62.00% of the time. BBAI outperformed its sector as a whole in the previous calendar year.

BBAI Analyst Recommendation Trends

BBAI has had 0 Buy, 0 Hold, and 0 Sell ratings in the most recent month. In the previous three months, the BBAI average analyst price objective was $5.00.

Why AI Stock Price Dropping

What happened To AI Stock

FShares of the self-titled artificial intelligence stock (AI -1.80%) have fallen 3.3% further in Friday morning trading on the NYSE at 11:15 a.m. ET, dropping over 24% from Tuesday’s closing. However, the news concerning has received largely favourable coverage on Wall Street. The investment banks Bank of America, Canaccord, JMP Securities, Morgan Stanley, Piper Sandler, and Wedbush all lined up to lift price estimates on the firm after it reported better-than-expected profits on Wednesday, so at least it seemed promising.

So what Current Situation In AI Stock

On revenues of $72.4 million, recorded a loss of $0.13 per share on Wednesday night. Both results were above expert predictions. The majority of analysts predict that will continue to lose money through the end of this year and into the following year, even though a $0.13 per share loss is still rather significant.  

Speaking of analysts, it’s encouraging for that six major investment banks have increased their price forecasts for AI. However, if you look a bit closer, you’ll see that many analysts, although upping their price forecasts, have serious doubts about this company. For instance, The Fly points out that despite Piper Sandler increasing its price objective for to $29 per share, it kept just a neutral rating on the stock due to concerns over the lack of any “underlying growth drivers” to support expanding the company.

Morgan Stanley bemoaned that there didn’t seem to be any meaningful acceleration in the business; in fact, the quarter’s sales increase was only 0.1%. Despite nearly doubling its price target, the brokerage kept an underweight rating on the stock.  

Now what AI Stock Like

But not everyone is as negative about stock as you may think. Because of the “$800B AI transformational opportunity over the next decade,” according to The Fly, investment bank Wedbush, which at $50 per share currently gives the company the highest price objective on Wall Street, feels is a buy.

The price objective for all things AI was increased to $38 by JMP Securities, who also highlighted that interest in the topic is “more active than we have ever However, even if JMP (for example) is right and C3 is worth $38 a share, it would only represent a 13% rise over the stock’s current price, which doesn’t seem to be a significant increase. Seem like much of an upside for taking the risk of investing in a no-growth firm with negative earnings right now.


What is the BigBear AI stock price now, the average price target is $5.00 with a high forecast of $5.00 and a low forecast of $5.00.The exponential moving average (EMA)is an alternative moving average to the simple moving average (SMA) that traders use. The EMA responds to the current price movement more swiftly because it gives greater weight to more recent prices. The three moving averages of 50, 100, and 200 days are some of the most popular indicators used in the stock market to pinpoint crucial levels of support and resistance.

The price of Holdings, Inc. shares rising above one of these averages is typically interpreted as a positive indication for the company’s stock. On the other hand, a decline below a significant moving average is typically seen as a bad sign for the BigBear AI market.


Is a stock a good investment?

For investors searching for long-term development prospects, investing in the top AI businesses in India may be a wise choice. Companies having a strong presence in the AI sector may be able to provide substantial profits as the market is predicted to develop quickly in the future years.

What is the stock price target for BigBear AI?

Target Average Price based on one Wall Street analyst’s 12-month price target given for BigBearai Holdings during the previous three months. With a high prognosis of $5 and a low forecast of $5, the average price objective is $5. From the most recent price of $1.87, the average price objective reflects a 168.10% change. Is it a wise investment?

Based on information gathered by InvestorsObserver, Holdings Inc receives an analyst ranking of 25, placing it higher than 25 other companies. Today, Wall Street analysts have BBAI pegged as a Buy. Get the remainder of the ranks on BBAI and learn what this means to you!

What does Big Bear AI do?

For corporate operations, manned-unmanned teaming in autonomous systems, cybersecurity, and supply chains and logistics, offers decision intelligence solutions.

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