Chat GPT Stock Price Today and How To Buy? Full Guide [2023]

What’s Chat GPT Stock?

Chat GPT Stock is the stock of a company that provides AI chatbot solutions using GPT- 3 technology and now grows as GPT- 4. GPT-3 stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3, which is a language model developed by OpenAI. This model has the broad ability to induce mortal- suchlike text.

Working on complex questions and writing code for software. This is substantially used for marketable purposes. All the world has seen chat GPT utilization and growth. A variety of chatbot solutions are available from Chat GPT Stock, including sales, marketing, and customer service.

What’s Chat GPT Stock Price?

If you are one of those who sees the future in Chat GPT, and are interested in investing, then one question definitely is in your mind. How much is Chat GPT stock? Or what is Chat GPT 4 stock price?

ChatGPT isn’t an intimately traded company, so there’s no Chat GPT stock price. Investing in OpenAI, the firm that created ChatGPT, is the only way to invest in it. You can also do this by buying some shares of Microsoft (MSFT), which has a strategic partnership with OpenAI. Microsoft’s stock price is presently $389.46.

Chat GPT Stock Price

Is Chat GPT Intimately Traded?

ChatGPT isn’t Intimately traded; it’s still a private company. ChatGPT’s creator OpenAI is also not intimately traded. ChatGPT is a private organization. Thus, it generates private funding from leading investors.


ChatGPT would bear an original public offering (IPO) to come intimately traded.

But wait. If you are interested in Chat GPT AI share price, then you can invest in some of the top AI stocks that have similar work to Chat GPT.

The Best AI Stocks to Buy in 2023

POINT’SCompanyMarket Capitalization
1Microsoft Corp. (MSFT)$2.3 trillion Inc. (AMZN)$1.0 trillion
3Nvidia Corp. (NVDA)$714 billion Inc (AI)$2.1 billion
5Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL)$1.4 trillion
6Micron Technology Inc. (MU)$68 billion
7Tesla Inc. (TSLA)$512 billion

How to invest in ChatGPT

Both ChatGPT and the firm that built it, OpenAI, are not publicly traded. So share price of Chat GPT is not available publicly. Still, There are many ways to get exposure to ChatGPT. The most direct one is through Microsoft (MSFT0.47).

Since 2019, Microsoft and OpenAI have been working together strategically, and throughout that time, Microsoft has spent billions of dollars on the AI start-up. Microsoft made a $10 billion investment in OpenAI shortly after ChatGPT was announced in early 2023, demonstrating both the company’s faith in OpenAI’s potential as well as its conviction that artificial intelligence will soon overtake traditional computer platforms.

NVIDIA (NVDA 0.68) is another source of information about ChatGPT. One of the most valuable electronic companies in the world and the top manufacturer of graphics recycle units is NVIDIA. Its GPUs are frequently used for artificial intelligence purposes, training large language models like ChatGPT, and recycling large amounts of data. They play a key role in many machine learning models.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is a technique by which artificial intelligence programs are trained. ChatGPT rollout. Perion is a small-cap advertisement tech stock, but it has a strategic partnership with Microsoft’s Bing search engine, and Microsoft is rolling out a new version of Bing, powered by the ChatGPT. However, Perion is most likely to be the big winner. For some reason, Bing gains market share on Google with the help of ChatGPT.

Chat GPT Stock Price


Investing in Microsoft (NASDAQ MSFT) is one of the stylish ways to get exposure to OpenAI’s ChatGPT as it directly connects to the AI chatbot. Before this year, Microsoft blazed its third investment in OpenAI in January 2023, followed by two former small investments in 2019 and 2021. This investment is estimated to be worth around$ 10 billion.

This is Microsoft’s third investment in late February, Microsoft released a new update on Windows 11, publicizing the integration of Bing AI chatbot with the company. Customers may immediately submit inquiries using the Windows 11 search bar thanks to this integration.

Through this connection, Bing will be better able to elicit responses from users that are more in-depth. Presently, the Microsoft Bing search engine holds a 9% market share, but with integration into ChatGPT, Bing is anticipated to become a large player in the search engine market.

Chat GPT Stock Price


NVIDIA stock has taken off over the last decade as its graphics recycling chips have become a vital part of everything from gaming to self-driving cars to artificial intelligence. AI comes with extraordinary computing demands, and NVIDIA’s chips are suitable to handle the workload better than its competitors. For example, UBS estimates that 10,000 NVIDIA graphics recycling units were used to train ChatGPT, and some analysts estimate that 30,000 of its GPUs are now being used to run OpenAI’s chatbot.

NVIDIA has also teamed up with Microsoft to make a massive cloud AI computer using tens of thousands of NVIDIA GPUs and other NVIDIA AI software tools. Given NVIDIA’s strength in AI computing power, including products like the Omniverse, NVIDIA looks like a good AI stock to enjoy if you are looking for an investment poised to make gains from the growth in artificial intelligence.

Chat GPT Stock Price

Perion Network

Another way to get exposure to Chat GPT is through Perion Network (PERI2.73), a small-cap advertisement tech firm. Perion is best known for its intelligent hub, which connects advertisers and publishers to optimize announcement placement and inventory for both parties. Still, the company also brings in nearly half of its revenue through search, largely through its partnership with Bing. Perion is one of the advertisement tech companies the Microsoft search engine uses to help optimize advertisements and conversions.

Perion gets revenue share through Bing when a user clicks on an advertisement that leads to a sale. In its recent earnings presentation, Perion participated in a quote from Microsoft CFO Amy Hood, who said that each fresh percentage of market share that Bing gets translates to nearly $ 2 billion in periodic revenue, meaning that it wouldn’t be important to move the needle for Perion. The stock might surge if the new Bing starts to get momentum given that it is now selling at a price-to-earnings ratio of 17.

Chat GPT Stock Price

Adobe (ADBE)

Adobe (ADBE) has released Adobe Firefly, a generative AI tool, to compete in the AI market. A group of imaginative generative AI models called Firefly will be included in Adobe’s product range, which includes its services and software. The creators of Firefly have made their first beta version available.

Will be suitable to induce new content in digital imaging, photography, illustration, artwork, graphic design, and video using everyday language. Adobe emphasizes a “creator-first” strategy, vowing to prioritize and responsibly develop creative generative AI with artists in mind, despite worries over the effect of comparable technologies on the job of creators.

Chat GPT Stock Price

Baidu (BIDU)

In response to ChatGPT, Baidu, one of China’s biggest search engines and AI businesses, launched its chatbot service called Ernie Bot. In the meantime, OpenAI keeps improving and releasing new significant versions of ChatGPT, such as ChatGPT-4.

Investors frequently choose Baidu since it has emerged as one of the best-performing companies in both the Nasdaq Golden Dragon China Index and the Hang Seng Technology Index this year. The company has maintained an auspicious outlook on its AI technology and has shown strong profitability throughout the year, with promising prospects ahead.

Chat GPT Stock Price

Alphabet ( Google)

Alphabet’s dominance in the AI field has an impact on Chat GPT. Alphabet has formerly invested an estimated $ 27 billion to $ 137 billion in AI research, which could have short-term fiscal implications. Despite implicit risks, analysts still rate Alphabet as a “ buy, ” projecting a 31-advanced value compared to the current status. Given Google’s dominant position in internet traffic, along with its excellent data and AI capabilities, there’s less potential for a rise in the stock price of its parent company, Alphabet.

Particularly, Samsung’s continued choice of Google as the default search engine for its smartphones will profit Alphabet in maintaining its leadership in the search sector. Thus, even though ChatGPT’s traffic is increasing, according to the Bank of the United States, this does not significantly affect Alphabet’s share price.

Should You Invest In Chat GPT Stocks?

  • ChatGPT and generative AI have the potential to change everything from the way we work to the way we learn and are entertained. It’s still veritably beforehand for ChatGPT and the coming iteration of AI, and some are indeed asking if ChatGPT is safe to use since the product is new and has only just started to be monetized. Also, the hype around AI stocks has surged in recent months, leading shares of AI stocks like and anything differently connected to artificial intelligence to soar.
  • Still, for risk-seeking investors, it’s not a bad idea to invest in some of these ChatGPT stocks. Microsoft seems like the most stable bet of the bunch; the company has a wide range of products to make use of the AI chatbot and its partnership with OpenAI will help it profit from unborn advances in generative AI technology.
  • NVIDIA should also be a winner since it’s likely to profit from increased demand for calculating power, and Perion Network stock has a lot of upside potential if the new Bing begins to catch on.
  • Although the tech stock crash in 2022 may have chastened tech investors, ChatGPT has formed the potential of AI and is likely to protest a new race in artificial intelligence.
  • To hedge your bets, investing in all three of these stocks and holding them for the long term may be the stylish way to get exposure to ChatGPT. For wide exposure to the market, you can also invest in an AI ETF. Investors face risk when adopting new technologies, but the potential gains from the new creative AI technology may be tremendous.

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What Does The Future Hold For Chat GPT Stock?

Growing Demand – As businesses seek to enhance customer engagement and reduce costs, the demand for AI chatbots is anticipated to continue growing in the coming years.

Technological Advancements – Building upon the foundation of GPT- 3, ChatGPT has formerly been upgraded to the more advanced GPT- 4, demonstrating ongoing technological progress.

Expansion Opportunities – ChatGPT has formally established a strong presence in the market, but there’s still an implication for expansion. The company may explore new markets, develop new products, and seek fresh partnerships.

Financing and Valuation Growth – Reports suggesting that OpenAI is presently in negotiations for a private tender sale of shares with venture capital firms Thrive Capital and Founder Fund. This could affect roughly $ 300 million in funding and increase the company’s valuation to $ 29 billion. Likewise, it’s projected that revenues for 2023 and 2024 will reach $ 200 million and $ 1 billion, independently. Also, Microsoft blazed a$ 10 billion multi-year investment in OpenAI.


Overall, the nonstop innovation of ChatGPT in the field of artificial intelligence and the proof of its impact on the market make it a veritably seductive investment opportunity. Still, like any investment, understanding the implicit risks is crucial. Making a well-informed investing choice requires a complete grasp of ChatGPT’s operations and marketplace position.

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Is Chat GPT Stock a safe investment?

When we’re investing in any mode, there are risks involved. Still, Chat GPT Stock is well-deposited to subsidize the growing demand for AI chatbots. The future is going toward AI technology. it has the further possibility to grow.

How to buy Chat GPT stock?

The answer is that to purchase Chat GPT stock, you must select a brokerage company that provides access to the stock exchange where Chat GPT is listed.

Is Chat GPT intimately traded?

No Chat GPT isn’t intimately traded, they are traded in an investing company such as Microsoft which holds a major portion share in Open AI.

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